Cultivating Leaders Who Cultivate Teams


Creating work environments where people bring their best

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Our Mission


Homecourt Partners cultivates leaders who develop connected teams that deliver their collective best to team members, customers, and partners.

We work in partnership with our clients on strategic planning, program design, and coaching services to accelerate the achievement of individual and organizational goals. Together, we deliver improvements to top- and bottom-line performance, including increased productivity and innovation.






Our Vision


Homecourt Partners fosters trust-based work environments that empower people to develop and share their full range of talents. The resulting relationships serve as foundations for the long-term shared success of individuals and organizations. Our clients and their team members realize higher levels of fulfillment in their work and pass on their proven approaches to colleagues.


"The key to greatness is to look for people's potential and
spend time developing it." 

- Peter Drucker

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Our Values

Homecourt Partners CREATES value through

  • Connection within and across organizations

  • Respect of self and others in words and actions

  • Empowerment that lifts up those around us

  • Appreciation of each person’s unique strengths and circumstances

  • Trust that builds relationships

  • Energy that positively radiates

  • Service to others


What Our Clients Are Saying

Jane helped us understand how we want our business to grow and who we need on our team to support this vision. She facilitated insightful conversations between me and my business partner. She also helped hold us accountable to make our vision of growth become reality.
— Emily Artale, Principal Engineer and Co-owner, Lotus Engineering and Sustainability

Many firms under-appreciate the impacts of a sound hiring process and what it means to their bottom line. Jane merged her past professional success with a zeal for improving our organization to deliver a streamlined and customized hiring process. We are already using it to identify, recruit, hire, and retain the right individuals to strengthen our company. We expect both qualitative and quantitative benefits as outcomes, some of which we began realizing immediately.
— Doug Hargrave, President, Iconergy
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