The Homecourt Advantage


Successful teams know that a homecourt advantage makes a significant impact on collective and individual performance. Teams create a homecourt advantage when they have each other’s backs when it matters most. They create an environment in which they elevate each person to become the best that he or she can be. People provide exceptional service to one another and to others outside of their organization when they feel this type of support.

Homecourt Partners becomes part of our clients’ homecourt advantage. We LITE the way for our clients to achieve their mission by providing

  • Leadership. Empowering leaders to engage their teams’ full range of talents.

  • Innovation. Infusing organizations with creative solutions that enable them to thrive.

  • Tools. Providing clients with the tools needed to drive change proactively.

  • Expertise. Integrating and improving upon proven practices learned during 15+ years in advanced energy and sustainability.


A Message From The Founder

I started Homecourt Partners because I’ve seen the spark that people have when empowered to bring the best of themselves to work. Empowered people go the extra mile to deliver for a customer, invest in their colleagues’ development, and embody the brand of their organization. The authentic connections that develop among team members, with customers, and across organizational boundaries drive growth for both individuals and their organizations.

I want more leaders to see that spark in the people around them, to create successful teams, and to experience the rewards. I want more team members to feel that spark and share it with everyone they meet.

Homecourt Partners builds on the work that I did within a small, growing company and its acquiring corporation over nearly a decade. That work resulted in high levels of retention, performance, and employee satisfaction. Investing my time in our people – what many others considered a diversion – enabled me to succeed in leadership positions early in my career.

I work with leaders who recognize that their people are core to the success of their organizational mission.

Nearly fifteen years in consulting on energy and environmental issues exposed me to many different team environments. I observed that the most effective leaders enabled a diverse set of voices across their teams to shape the direction of the organization and the team. It created ownership, investment, and excitement that made these organizations great places to work at all levels.

I work with leaders to build organizations that encourage and enable innovations from every level of the organization to rise to the top.

I look forward to working with you to advance the development of your people and your organization together.