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Finding new ways to challenge your team members as their goals and the needs of the organization evolve requires forethought, communication, and planning. How are you developing the pipeline of leadership to drive your business in the next five to 10 years? How do you convince your highest performers to continue to invest themselves in the organization? How do you encourage knowledge sharing throughout the entire employee lifecycle?

Generational transitions, shorter tenures with companies, and a tight labor market make it increasingly difficult to hire workers with the perfect combination of technical and leadership skills for your organization’s culture. Organizations that rely on outside hires for most of their mid- and upper-level management positions will find lower levels of return on investment than those that develop and advance leaders from inside the organization.



The most successful organizations are creators of talent, not consumers of it. These organizations understand that people take on more responsibility when they see that they can make a difference, achieve their personal goals, and contribute meaningfully to their teams, organization, and customers. These organizations invest in helping their people develop the combination of skills and experience that enable them to make that difference.

Homecourt Partners will work with you to Advance the careers of your staff members along with your organization’s progress toward its objectives. Using the Homecourt Scorecard, we’ll assess your specific circumstances – your business environment, team dynamics, and specific goals that are connected to Advancement. Prioritizing the outstanding needs reveals which initiatives will have the greatest impact. Examples of Homecourt’s services include the following:

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Succession Planning

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Career Mapping

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Leadership pipeline development



We’ll work with you to define and track metrics that assess the impact of your renewed focus on Advancing your people. Your organization will see a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • A higher success rate for internal candidates who apply for leadership positions in your organization

  • Lower cost of filling open leadership roles

  • More effective diffusion of proven practices for achieving business objectives