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Attracting the right people to your organization requires focus. Plenty of technically qualified candidates exist, but how will you reach them and convince them to join your organization? How do you differentiate yourself from the other employers that they are considering? How do you leverage your team’s time during the hiring process to provide them with the right tools and information to assess candidates?

Perhaps your organization is or is about to start growing rapidly. Perhaps you’ve started to see trends in the drivers behind your turnover that could have been identified during the hiring process. Perhaps your organization is not attracting the type of candidate pools that you know you need. Perhaps it’s just time to take a step back.



Attracting the right people to your organization begins well before you write your first job posting. A clear value proposition for your team members that integrates with your brand provides the foundation for your relationship. It goes beyond salary and benefits to include the intellectual engagement, growth opportunities, professional fulfillment, and relationships that your team members will build through their work with you.

All of the Homecourt Partners services to Attract people rely on this fundamental concept. The Homecourt Scorecard allows you to identify areas of strength and areas that will benefit from additional attention. This initial assessment helps target our work together. Examples of our services include the following:

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Hiring practice (re)design

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Mission, vission, and values

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Employer Branding



Attracting people to your organization who share its values and appreciate your approach to the market means

  • Longer tenures with the organization for your talented team.

  • Lower costs of attrition and more effective use of your investments in on-the-job training.

  • More time to focus on achieving your core business objectives.