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Now that you have a team in place, you want them to help you achieve your vision for success. How do you help each person bring her best to work each day? How do you lay the groundwork so that your key business units work collaboratively? How do you create opportunities for great ideas to rise to the level of leadership needed to act on them?

Motivation today looks much different than it did even 15 years ago. Today’s workers look to their employers to develop their skills, provide them with opportunities to grow, and to select leaders that they believe in. Today’s workers are also accustomed to transparency and lines of communication that run both ways.

Today’s leaders need to address these priorities while concurrently pursuing aggressive business objectives. It can seem like an expensive and time-consuming added responsibility, but it’s a necessity for leaders who want to achieve their goals.



Strong connections form when rooted in shared purpose, values, and interests. Equipping staff at all levels with the knowledge and tools needed to shape and nurture connections with each other positions an organization and its people to leverage the resulting relationships for good. Relationships in which people are comfortable as their authentic selves empower them to offer their total value to their colleagues and customers.

Homecourt Partners offers services to foster those connections. We use the Homecourt Scorecard to tailor our services to meet your organization’s unique needs, including both programmatic and one-on-one approaches. Examples of our services include the following:

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strategic planning

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Mentorship programs

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diversity and leadership training

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cohort development



Creating connected and empowered teams improves bottom line performance. Much of that is driven by increases in your people’s satisfaction. It’s a win-win: happier people, happier investors. Some of the impacts of Empowering people include the following:

  • Increase in innovative ideas reaching appropriate levels of leadership

  • Increase in productivity, including cross-selling opportunities

  • Increase in staff satisfaction, leading to lower levels of undesirable turnover